Hold the Line
Vom Wesen der Linie
PART I: Galerie Schenk. Modern
September 8th – October 8th, 2023

PART II: mim | Raum für Kultur
September 28th – November 4th, 2023

As one of the fundamental elements of art, the line enables artists to depict structures, shapes and contours. The line can connect, separate or delimit. It can be strictly straight or curved, delicately winding or create a dynamic, powerful movement. It can be rigidly horizontal or vertical or meander wildly across the surface. Whether it forms an independent figure or is an abstract compositional device, the type of line defines the rational and emotional aspects of a pictorial space. The two-part exhibition "Hold the Line" is dedicated to the essence of the line - the aesthetics, sensuality and radicality of simplicity

In a further collaboration between Galerie Schenk.Modern and mim | Raum für Kultur, the gallery brings together works by artists from two centuries.

with Benjamin Bergmann, Leo Erb, Sabine Finkenauer, Gotthard Graubner, Doris Hahlweg, Jiri Hilmar, Karl Hofer, Monika Huber, Imi Knoebel, Heinz Mack, Frank Maier, Philipp Messner, Thomas Müller, Max Pechstein, Hartmut Sy, Martin Wöhrl

Galerie Schenk.Modern
Ländgasse 109, 84028 Landshut

mim | Raum für Kultur
Hans-Sachs-Straße 15, 80469 Munich