Archiv Einsdreissig /
Archive OneThirty
One minute and thirty seconds is the average length of a news report. For over ten years, artist Monika Huber has been photographing images from news reports every day that bear witness to protest, riots, war, violence and their consequences. She saves the images digitally, prints them out and reworks them using painting and drawing. Over the years, an archive has been created that reveals a "grammar" of news images and invites us to take a critical look at crisis reporting in television news. The selection of over 100 images from the archive is accompanied by contributions that situate the OneThirty archive from an art historical, philosophical, political science and journalistic perspective.

Foreword by: Bernhart Schwenk
With contributions from: Ernst van Alphen, Mieke Bal, James W. Davis, Antje Kapust, Ute Schaeffer, Ulrich Wilmes

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