March 7, 2023 – August 27, 2023

Kunstmuseum Magdeburg
Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen

One minute and thirty seconds. That is the average length of a report in a news block such as "Tagesthemen" or "Heute Journal". Monika Huber has been creating a digital archive of news images - the Archive OneThirty - since the beginning of 2011, at the start of the Arab Spring.

The archive documents global political and social change in its media reflection and image narrative construction. Conceived as a long-term documentation, it currently comprises around 40,000 photographs. Huber has selected images from these, edited them by overpainting or drawing them, or transformed them into a video. In doing so, the artist picks up on images that are usually lost in the daily flood of news, in order to make them visible, tangible and reflective in a new way by editing them. The media images she selects repeatedly show people as protesting and revolting actors, as subjects and objects of political and public, often violent and warlike events.

Regierungsstr. 4-6, D-39104 Magdeburg
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