Galerie der Künstler, Munich

Geschichte wird gemacht – es geht voran

In the exhibition Geschichte wird gemacht - es geht voran (History is being made - progress is being made) Monika Huber stages the videos MOONSTAR and PROTEST in a 28-part installation. The opening motif of the video MOONSTAR, the rising painted moon and star images of the Turkish flag on a red background, bathe the walls of the room in red light. In front of it, a tower of 26 monitors is set up, on which, in each case time-delayed and simultaneously, individual scenes of the protests can be seen. The monitors create an equivalent to the image of the flag-waving population after the attempted coup in Turkey. In parallel, the video PROTEST, projected on the wall close to the ground, can be seen. The events of 2013 (Gezi Park protests) and 2016 (coup attempt) in Turkey are connected in terms of content in the installation.