Maximiliansforum, Munich

Installation PROTEST

In 2014, in the context of the TRANSFORMING CITIES series, Monika Huber shows her video work PROTEST in the urban underpass below Munich's Maximilianstrasse, creating a sharp contrast to the posh, high-priced venue above. The video PROTEST is projected directly onto a large window pane, the sound of the protests can be heard in the underground passage. The leitmotif of the video work is the critical discourse with the image coverage of violent conflicts in the television news. Video clips and news images of urban and suburban resistance from 2013 from the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul form the material of the video work PROTEST.

Opposite the black and white video PROTEST, the installation RIOTS presents intense color photos of individual scenes from the Gezi Park protests behind a large window glass. The space, limited by the large-scale shop window in the underpass, becomes an oversized illuminated slide box. The scenes of the backlit photographs capture gestures, actions of the protesters and allow one to sense the urgency and vehemence of the street scenes of protest. At the same time, they elude fixed allocations of place and time.